In a recent landmark case before the Labour Appeal Court, the appellant Bernadette Enever challenged her employer’s disciplinary action against her for using cannabis at home. This case has far-reaching implications for both employees and employers in South Africa, particularly regarding the use of cannabis and the drafting of company policies.

The Labour Appeal Court’s judgment in the case of Bernadette Enever v Edcon Ltd (2023) highlighted important legal and constitutional principles that have significant implications for the workplace. The court emphasized the right to privacy and dignity enshrined in the Constitution of South Africa, which includes the right to make personal choices in private spaces, such as one’s home. The court held that an employer cannot discipline an employee for lawful activities conducted in the privacy of their own home, including the use of cannabis for personal reasons.

This ruling underscores the importance of aligning company policies with the prevailing laws and the Constitution. When drafting company policies, employers must ensure that they do not infringe upon employees’ constitutional rights, including the right to privacy and dignity. Policies must be regularly reviewed to adapt to legislative changes and must not conflict with the law or the Constitution.

Furthermore, company policies must not only be relevant but also enforceable. Employers should ensure that their policies are clear, reasonable, and comply with legal requirements. Policies that are overly restrictive or discriminatory may be challenged by employees and could lead to legal disputes.

When it comes to cannabis use specifically, companies need to carefully consider their approach given this recent ruling. While employers must maintain a safe and productive work environment, they must also respect employees’ rights to privacy and personal choices outside of work hours. Companies may need to revisit their drug and alcohol policies to ensure they are compliant with the law and respect employees’ rights.

In conclusion, the recent Labour Appeal Court ruling in the case of Bernadette Enever has significant implications for company policies in South Africa. Employers must ensure that their policies are legally sound, respect employees’ rights, and are enforceable. By taking these considerations into account, companies can create a fair and compliant work environment that respects the rights and dignity of all employees.

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